Coupling heads

We manufacture coupling heads according to European and US standards. For the European market we produce 3 types according to the trailer load capacity: 750 kg, 1 400 kg and 2 000 kg.

Within this we distinguish different designs according to the drawbar type, for example the coupling head up to 750 kg can be ordered with round shaped profile with a diameter of 50, 60 or 70 mm or with a square shaped profile with a dimension from 40 to 70 mm.

For the US market we manufacture according to load capacity, 3 500 lbs and 5 000 lbs. There are also special coupling heads that can be mounted on triangular drawbars. Our products are manufactured according to KNOTT and AUTÓFLEX-KNOTT homologations.

Coupling heads 750kg

Coupling heads 1400kg

Coupling heads 2000kg

Coupling heads 3500lbs

Coupling heads 5000lbs

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