Coupling heads 750kg A-frame


Product numberProduct code with 7-pole plug holderProduct code with 13-pole plug holderProduct nameLoad capacityDimension of holes for screwsDistance between holesHole positionDrawbarDrawbar dimensionBall size
6E0071.0016E0071.0046E0071.005UH AKFW7,5N3 + washer750 kgM1250mmon the topA-frame23,6°ISO50
6E0159.0016E0159.2016E0159.801UH AKF7,5YN3 2″750 kgM1250mmon the topA-frame34,6°2″
6E0176.0026E0176.0016E0176.003UH AKF7,5WN3 + washer750 kgM1240 / 50 mmon the side and on the topA-frame34,6°ISO50
6E0371.0016E0371.0026E0371.003UH AKFV7,5N3 + washer750 kgM1090mmon the topA-frame23,6°ISO50

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